Kids & Youtube: The Good, The Bad & The Surprising

We want to preface this by stating that everything we're about to say is based on our opinions on this topic. We recognize that every family has different ideals, limits, etc. We're simply sharing our views and experiences!

Youtube. It's not something Patrick or I grew up with. In fact, until 5 years ago or so, it wasn't even something we were too distracted by or invested in. It wasn't something we watched for entertainment as teens or kids, a profession in Youtube wasn't something that was on any career aptitude test for our generation (is it now? it probably should be!) and it wasn't something we discussed our approach to before or even right after we had kids. It wasn't something we realized would become so much a part of daily life.


48 Hours in Richmond, Virginia - May 2016 Road Trip to Virginia & Maryland

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FamilyADHD Virginia Road Trip with Kids 2016

Road Tripping to Richmond, VA

If you had 48 hours to spend in Richmond, how would you spend it?

We recently kicked off our summer travel with a road trip down to Richmond, VA where we spent a fun, whirlwind 48 hours exploring the local sites, food and family-friendly fun. While it's often just the four of us, this time we decided to bring our golden, Shadow, along for the ride! Yes, it may have changed our approach a bit, but it was definitely worth it.

We put together a video to give you a quick overview of our trip, but for those that want the nitty-gritty details of where we went and what we recommend, keep reading after you give it a peek!

The Jefferson Richmond, VA First Impression Summer 2016 - Pet-friendly Hotel

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The Jefferson Hotel Richmond, VA Family Travel Review
Given the fact that The Jefferson survived not one, but two fires, it was not surprising to see that all the candelabras were fitted with electric bulbs, but one can image how beautiful it would have been with real candles back int he day!

The Jefferson Hotel Overview

The Jefferson Hotel is an historic hotel in Richmond, VA, known both locally and nationally for its rich roots and exceptional service. The Jefferson has hosted a number of notable guests over more than 100 years since it first opened its doors in 1895--presidents, actors, musicians, etc. While it has seen its fair share of devastation, including several fires, it has managed to rebuild and maintain its prominent position in Richmond. Perhaps one of the most unique and interesting facts about the hotel--at least to us--was that alligators (yes, real alligators!) were at one point kept in the marble pools in the Palm Court--the last of which died in 1948 (Old Pompey was his name).

We recently went on the first of several summer road trips, making a stop for a couple days in Richmond where we got to experience The Jefferson firsthand! Overall, it truly was a lovely hotel and one we're excited to share with you.


Cape Codder Resort & Spa Hyannis, MA First Impression Spring 2016

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*Sit tight while we wait for Youtube to fully process our video so it's less dark and grainy!*

Cape Codder Resort & Spa Overview

Cape Codder Resort & Spa, one of 3 family-owned resorts owned by Catania Hospitality Group, is a family-friendly Cape Cod resort that boasts some serious appeal when it comes to families with children (at least we think it does!). While it may not be ocean-adjacent, what it lacks in ocean view it makes up for in family-friendly amenities from our experience.

We want to preface this review by stating that we were invited to check out the resort while they were still prepping for their upcoming summer 2016 debut during which they will unveil their new indoor water park along with multiple renovations, so while we were unable to view and experience some aspects of the resort, we're happy to share what we did see and do.

Cape Codder Resort & Spa is convenient located in Hyannis, MA, which is on Cape Cod for those unfamiliar with the area.


Discussing Type 2 Diabetes, ADHD & Some Amazing News!

Nothing to Report

Please keep in mind, the statements made below are based on our opinions, experiences and research. Please do not consider any of this to be fact and consult with your own physicians prior to making any changes, choices, etc. 

Those of you that have followed us for some time are probably already aware that Patrick (the hubs) has type 2 diabetes.
Hey, guys!

When he was first diagnosed, we found that while we had a basic understanding there was so much we were fuzzy on and many things we didn't know.

There are also a lot of misconceptions regarding Type 2 floating around out there--what causes it, who can be diagnosed with it, etc.

We got some amazing news today and were inspired to share a bit, but before we get into that, we thought we'd start a brief discussion on Type 2 to help spread awareness and hopefully help clear up some confusion! Also, we strongly recommend checking out the American Diabetes Association for reference, which was first recommended to us by our doctor when Patrick was first diagnosed.

Here are some of the most common questions and misconceptions we personally come across in relation to Type 2 diabetes: