Orlando Family Travel Guide 2015 - Liberty Square Haunted Mansion Review & Tips

orlando family travel guide 2015 liberty square tips & review
Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom

Liberty Square in a Nutshell

Liberty Square is a relatively smaller area of Magic Kingdom with a very Washington D.C. meets colonial New England feel to it. If you're from an area in the northeast (especially Massachusetts like we are) you'll probably get an all-too-familiar feel walking through here. While Liberty Square offers things such as Hall of the Presidents and a Riverboat ride, we honestly only visit it for the Haunted Mansion. It also has a few dining and shopping options, but they're decidedly colonial in feel and since we can go to a real colonial inn anytime we like at home, it doesn't hold much vacation appeal to us personally. 

Date VisitedMarch 3, 2015

Crowd Levelslow-moderate earlier in the day, moderate midday, did not visit in the evening

Age Range Appealprimarily juvenile ADHDers to adults depending on which attractions you plan to visit

Special Note: The Haunted Mansion is an awesome ride that is very well maintained and may have even been slightly updated since we were there a year ago (we swear the woman in the crystal ball scene changed slightly). It is probably too scary for little ADHDers with anxiety as well as older kids who aren't big fans of haunted houses. The ride is dark, spins around and moves at a moderately fast pace. There are many scenes with ghosts and some with skeletons.

Liberty Square Tips

  • Haunted Mansion attracts a crowd so make sure you either go in the earliest or latest part of the day.
  • FastPass may be worthwhile here if it's one of your must-try rides. Last year we waited in line for about 25-30 minutes. This year we waited for maybe 10-15. We visited around the same part of the day both times. We've seen lines for this ride get very long by early afternoon.
  • If you are claustrophobic you may have a hard time on this ride prior to boarding the "Doombuggies". Mom is claustrophobic and does okay because she's been on it a bunch of times, but at one point you're placed with a large crowd of people in a room that is completely sealed shut--just a heads up!
  • If you like colonial food check out the dining options in Liberty Square.

Liberty Square's Haunted Mansion Ride Tips & Review

Since the Haunted Mansion is the only ride we ever go on in Liberty Square, it's the only thing we'll touch on in this feature. You are not allowed to use flash photography on this ride and from experience I can tell you it's nearly impossible to get a good shot in the super dark interior, so if you're looking for spoilers we don't have them ;) 

orlando family travel guide 2015 haunted mansion tips & review
The Haunted Mansion's entrance is located in Liberty Square, across the water from Tom Sawyer's Island. Last year when we went on this ride the line was all the way out to this point. This year, the line was quite short when we got there

orlando family travel guide 2015 haunted mansion tips & review
Because the line was so short we didn't wrap around much at all. The invisible-horse drawn carriage was in a different spot this year, too! And there's the Haunted Mansion in the background.

orlando family travel guide 2015 haunted mansion tips & review
The boys love the invisible ghost horse! If you go, have your little guys look on the ground for horse hoof prints scattered along the pavement from the ghost horse!

orlando family travel guide 2015 haunted mansion review & tips
If you have a group of 4 like us, you'll have to split up into pairs. We love that they call them Doombuggies :)

orlando family travel guide 2015 haunted mansion review & tips
The busts near the entry are a fun place to take a quick pic if the line isn't moving quickly. It can be hard to grab a shot without other people in them, but sometimes you can time it just right!

orlando family travel guide 2015 haunted mansion review & tips
There are several things to look at and touch throughout the last portion of the line. This wall has instruments that sound off when you touch them--always a hit with our guys and great for ADHDers that are hands-y!

orlando family travel guide 2015 haunted mansion review & tips
This organ is on the end of the big piece with the instruments on one side and books that move in and out on the other (the line was moving too fast for me to catch a clear shot of that side). It's very cute and has sensors, which makes it seem as though children are playing the keys as they touch them.

orlando family travel guide 2015 haunted mansion review & tips
Poor Captain Culpepper Clyne--still resting in his watery grave! The barnacles occasionally spurt out water and around the other side you can see into his water tomb. 

Overall, while Liberty Square isn't necessarily an area we spend a lot of time in, it is home to one of our favorite rides--The Haunted Mansion. Again, if you have anxious or little ADHDers the ride is likely too scary. We've made it through (even when the kids were not too thrilled with it last year) without a super freak out, but it's definitely a fairly scary ride for little guys who aren't big on the dark or haunted houses.

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    Note: This trip was in no way sponsored. All opinions mentioned above are our own based on our experiences.

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