Things to do in Boston: Mike's Pastry North End Boston Lobster Tail Review

mike's pastry north end boston, ma review

Mike's Pastry in a Nutshell

Mike's Pastry has amazing Italian pastries and fast service. They have 2 locations, but my favorite is the one on the North End.

Mike's Pastry Lobster Tale Review

mike's pastry north end boston, ma review

Type of Food
Large Italian pastry with thick cream on inside and crunchy dough on the outside.

Around $6.99 each

None. You order it behind a glass on trays. They are displayed on special frilly papers.

It is delicious! The cream on the inside has a thick, whipped texture. The crust on the outside is airy. The cream on the inside with the crust on the outside is a good match and makes you want another.

Worth the Trip?
Oh, definitely! It is so worth the trip.

Final Thoughts on Mike's Pastry

Mike's Pastry has a lot of good options.  You can get the pastry to go or sit down and eat it. The fun part about going is that they take string out of the ceiling to wrap up your pastry box. Going to Mike's
Pastry is exciting.

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  1. Great review! Now I want one!

  2. Looks awesome. My teen has had a cannoli craving for a week.

  3. Oh my that looks delicious!

  4. Love this! And I miss getting good pastries... we used to live down the road from a good Italian bakery and I always got their lobster tail pastries there. So good! :)

  5. I love sweets, this looks so good!


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