New Disneyland California Adventure Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters Ride Opens March 7th!

Disney has certainly been busy lately with all of the announcements in the last year or so for new rides, attractions, etc. Well, I just saw this cute little video and though you guys might like to know about a new addition hitting Disneyland's California Adventure on March 7th! Sadly, we'll have left California by the time it launches, but we'll definitely give it a whirl next time we're on the west coast to visit the mouse. ;)

What do you think? Would your little guys (or would you) like to give this a go?

You can read more about it on the Disney Parks blog if you're curious.

ADHD/SPD Tip: It seems like a nice, smooth ride, which can be great for a break off your feet when you're exhausted midday after hours of walking the parks. It also seems like it wouldn't be over-stimulating for little guys that can't tolerate the more fast-paced rides. And how cute are those cars?!


  1. Absolutely! sign us up! I wish they would get Radiator Spring into WDW

    1. Right? I was thinking the same thing! We're frequent WDW visitors and while we absolutely love it, I agree Radiator Springs would be an awesome addition.

  2. Such a cute ride! I know a lot of little kiddos that would love this!


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