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Part 1 of the Neuropsych Eval

written by familyadhd

We completed part 1 of our son’s neurpsych eval this past week and have a few more hours of testing scheduled for week after next. I believe there’s more after that as well. I’m thankful we’re finally able to get it done, but I’m really looking forward to this stage being over.

In other news home schooling was going very well until everyone got sick and we missed 2 days of class. Not a huge deal since we can make it up fairly easily, but still a little bit of a bummer. Our son seems to be doing very well with the 1:1 attention for his schooling. It’s also much easier to reign in his behaviors when he’s on his own … and probably given that he’s my son and I have a background in ABA.

We’ve been using the token chart app I discussed in a previous entry here and there. It does seem to help. Obviously there are times when any child is beyond caring about their token chart, but it is fairly successful in terms of getting his school work subjects done. He gets 1 star for every subject we complete and earns something small at the end of the day. I’m hoping we can eventually get him down to 1 star per school day without behaviors by the end of the year because I know he’s capable, it will just take some time.

That’s really it for now. Waiting, getting things done. Allergy test, feeding/swallow therapy and more neuropsych coming up later this month.

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