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Tomorrow’s the Day

written by familyadhd

Tomorrow will be our son’s first neuropsych eval appointment. He’ll have 2 or 3 to complete the testing in its entirety. I think to a degree we’ve been fighting for this for so long we’ve almost lost any sort of anxiety or fear we might have had, had things moved along faster for this testing. Is this good or is this bad? I’m not sure.

I’ll be interested to see how it goes tomorrow. I’m going alone with our son so that P (my husband) can stay home with our little guy. Without having anyone to watch him, it would be far too much to ask him to wait during the testing in the office or even at a store nearby. The appointment is also very early in the morning.

I think the anxiety might set in a bit more tomorrow morning as we’re driving. This is what we’ve been asking for and working for, for months. I’m thankful we’re able to do this privately because not everyone is. P and I talked last night about how great it would be to start a foundation that raises funds to assist other families like ourselves pay for the costs of private testing and services. Even though we have reasonable coverage that we pay a high premium for, we still pay $25 for each OT appointment. Take into account the fact he’s supposed to have OT 2-3 times per week … well you get the picture. It adds up!

Anyway, for now we’re focusing on our son. We’re hoping and praying we get some answers and that the professional delivering his evaluation is able to evaluate him accurately. I think my 2 biggest fears right now are 1. being misdiagnosed 2. missing something. I’m sure we all fear the same things to a degree once we accept that something isn’t quite what it should be.

I guess we’ll see how things go tomorrow.

Homeschooling Update

On another note, we’ve been homeschooling and it is clear as day that what I thought might be going on in class last year is definitely true. Our son needs at least some 1:1 in order to get through assignments and learn new skills–something he absolutely never got in kindergarten in addition to the out of control boys in his class. He began struggling with learning some new concepts at around 4, which is the same time we noticed him losing some skills he’d mastered. Working with him 1:1 for homeschooling definitely provides a better way for him to learn, but it’s still difficult. Right now we’re still mostly in the phase of reviewing stuff from the end of last year. I can tell once we get to the point of moving on to new material that we won’t be moving as smoothly. Still, I feel confident in my choice to homeschool.

While I second-guess myself constantly on whether or not he’s going to get the same quality and level of education as the kids he went to his private school with last year, I just have to remind myself that I’m following the same curriculum they used and as long as he’s making progress that’s 100x better than what he’d likely be doing if we’d sent him back to the same school … or any school nearby for that matter.

Are there any other moms out there homeschooling their children while they go through testing/evaluations?

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