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Playing Catch-up

written by familyadhd

Things have been crazy, so it’s been hard to find time or motivation to post updates. We completed neuropsych, did a speech eval, and met with our guy’s pedi neurologist to go over everything. The long and short of it is that he has a fairly large gap between some skills and other skills. It appears he has a moderate receptive and pragmatic speech disorder along with slow processing speed and sensory integration disorder. It has been recommended that he attend a special school designed for students like this as no typical school will be able to provide exactly what he needs. We are now faced with many decisions regarding whether or not to move, what schools to pursue, how to acquire out of district placement, etc. He will be undergoing a complete audiological eval tomorrow to rule out any hearing loss or potential. We will also be meeting with the district later this month to discuss the results of his private testing and we’ll push for an IEP.

Needless to say, we’re overwhelmed. I spent the majority of the earlier part of my day today making phone calls and we still have quite a few left to make. We have schools to visit, locations to consider moving to, etc.

We have to figure out what will work for our family, our older guy, and our younger guy. We also have a business that we would have to relocate.

Right now he is only receiving OT weekly. We need to add speech (group and 1:1) as well as a social skills group to the list of services he gets.

I am not opposed to public schools in some situations, but that just isn’t the solution in this situation–that came right from the pedi neurologist by the way. I agree. For the rest of the year we’ll be homeschooling unless something drastically changes.

*sigh* It’s never easy is it?

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