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The struggle of independent shoe tying…

written by familyadhd

We are busting at the seams with pride today! Our guy, after 3 years of struggling and frustration, finally learned to tie his shoes 100% unassisted yesterday and consistently did it 4 times again today throughout the day! I’d call that MASTERED!!!!

This may seem like a normal milestone to some, but for us this is a huge victory that is nearly tear-provoking (I can feel them coming on so we’ll see)! Our older guy has issues coordinating some tasks that require his right and left brain working together, so tying his shoes has been something he couldn’t even struggle his way through. He would start and then get completely mixed up and give up in frustration. We tried a million approaches, techniques, etc. Yes, my son could wear loafers or some other form of slip-on shoes for the rest of his life, and for some that is a good option, but why should he have to if he could someday learn to take care of himself in this way and not have to find none-laced shoes every time he needed a pair?

And while some parents right now are snapping pics of their child hitting a home run or capturing another “perfect” moment, we snapped a picture of the first time our son was EVER able to tie his shoes on his own. To us, that is as amazing as any other victory or success! We are so PROUD!!!

First 100% independent shoe tie! March 6th 2013

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