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Still Trudging Along this Long Road – Working Towards an IEP

written by familyadhd

Again I find myself with little energy to post, but I’d hate for even more time to go by before I update so here I am.

We had our referral meeting with the district which was (and this is being kind) a joke. Not only did everyone there seem ill-prepared, but roughly 10 adults sat in a closet-sized resource room around 2 child tables, which we couldn’t all fit around, in child chairs while they fumbled for questions that were easily answered by the pile of evaluations I provided to them prior to the meeting. We informed them ahead of time that we’d be recording the meeting, which they seemed less than pleased about but what could they say?

In the end, we brought home their recommendations (observation during one of the 2 specials he takes at the public school) and academic testing. I can sense that they’re working towards proving he does not require an IEP and is currently “successful” at school because he exists for 45 min 2x per week in specials. My argument is that he was anything BUT successful last year in full-day private school in a much smaller environment and only makes it through specials because it is brief and we work hard before and after those classes to help him prepare and decompress. He has made leaps and bounds academically being home-schooled and would lose it all if he were put in one of their schools. The recommendation was a private language-based program…NOT public school with some modifications. This is an all-encompassing need.

In the meantime we were informed by Boston Children’s that our son was approved for an audiological processing eval. It’s actually a pain to go through the process. Basically they review your child’s entire evaluation history up to that point to determine if he/she will benefit from the testing as well as whether or not they are capable of completing the evaluation. We’re thankful, but almost a month later we’re still waiting for an evaluation date.

I found a speech pathologist closer to where we live and we meet for our intake appointment tomorrow. Since our son was already evaluated he should begin speech soon and this is more of a formality/welcome/history of the child type meeting.

Our second son (our youngest) will be going through a speech eval soon and will also see the pediatric neurologist that has overseen our older son’s testing. He shows some similar behaviors to our older son (though different in some ways), has issues with articulation, and exhibits some OCD-like behaviors. We’ll see.

We are still home-schooling and academically our son is doing a million times better than last year, but it takes a great deal of energy and patience on my end to get through the 4 subjects we have to cover. Either way, we’re making progress.

I’ve also discovered that allowing him to chew gum or suck on hard candy can be helpful as well as allowing him to pop bubblewrap with his feet while he works. We’re constantly looking for new and more “appropriate” ways to give him the stimulation he needs to assist him in coping with the outside stimulation he struggles with. It is a constantly evolving and progressive process.

So what’s next? I’d like to pursue additional testing. His OT noticed that there seems to be some strangeness about the way his right and left brain connect/integrate during tasks that require that they work together. We’ll see…

I should do a post on mobile apps that help kids with different disorders and disabilities–I keep meaning to. Perhaps next time!

I also plan to do a post on how our paleo lifestyle has affected our son–for the better!

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