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urTalker Pro – Free Communication App for Kids for a Limited Time

written by familyadhd

It appears that the app creators for UrTalker Pro are running a fabulous promotion this month! If you have a non-verbal child or a child struggling with speech/language and you’re looking for an app UrTalker Pro is typically $99, but is free at the moment (not sure when it expires but it looks as though it may be available during all of Autism Awareness Month–April).

Check it out HERE.

From what I’ve read about this app it seems to offer quite a bit of
versatility and customization–always key with these types of apps from
my experience. I’d highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking
for a communication app for your child. If you do, let me know how you
like it!

Here are some features of the urTalker Pro app as shown on the company’s website (images are property of urTalker):

Build sentences

Add your own images


Multiple Grid Layouts

I personally haven’t used this app as neither of my children are non-verbal, though one has language-based disorders and the other has speech-related issues.

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