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Always Have a Plan B

written by familyadhd

Just a quick update…

We’re totally buried in snow … help! But really, when is this snow going to end?! Oh gosh :/

We’re getting ready to travel fairly soon and the countdown is officially on! My goal is to do a post or two on what we’re bringing in our carry-on’s/travel must-haves, so keep your eyes open for those.

I’m also keeping a very wary eye on the weather because as of now they’re predicting snowstorms around the time we leave. If that happens, we could be in for some delays or cancellations. We’ll see!

Oh the joys of New England winter and air travel.

I’ve spoken with JetBlue (who we’re flying with) and apparently if there’s a storm they expect to hit, a few days prior to departure they sometimes give travelers the option to move dates a day before or after and they coordinate with your hotel/resort if you booked that through them as well. That’s definitely great, but it would change some of our plans for what we’ll be doing on which day, we’d have to check with our dog and cat sitters to make sure our golden and cats are still taken care of, etc. I love that JetBlue offers this option, but we’ll see how well they execute it. Either way, we need to come up with a plan to deal with a possible departure date change!

Think warm, positive thoughts for us because I think spending the night at an airport may be a lot for any family–especially an ADHD family!

Off to work on our “Plan B” scenario…

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