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Irish Mike’s Big Giant Swords Fit for a LEGO Minifigure!

written by familyadhd
The Olympian from Big Giant Swords is now available in miniature in a number of finishes, both plastic and metal.

Irish Mike’s Big Giant Swords

Update 4/6: We received 2 of our 4 swords (Olympian model) and 1 quickly broke as soon as our oldest tried to take it out of his LEGO minifigure’s hand. It snapped without any twisting or what have you, so I emailed the company that manufactures them and they were great. However, they informed me that anything they produce is meant for decorative purposes only–not to be used as toys and not for children. Well, there you have it. Apparently even though these look really cool in a minifigure’s hand, they shouldn’t be played with. I’m not sure if when the swords were originally posted about on Facebook if Irish Mike knew that was the case, but I just wanted to update you guys in case any of you were interested in them for your little guys like we were. Still really neat in person! Just not for our little guys, apparently 🙂

Update 4/1: The other 2 swords mentioned below (Dragon’s Breath and Cerberus) are now both available on the site as well HERE! We’ve just purchased 2 Dragon’s Breath minis for the boys (plastic finish) so we’ll be sure to share those as well once they arrive. 

If you’ve ever wondered how your little ADHDer could possibly channel all his/her creativity, energy and impulsivity into a productive career … watch Big Giant Swords!

The moment we saw commercials for this show our interests were piqued and we we watched every episode of season 1 as they aired. If you haven’t watched it yet the first season is over, but you may be able to catch up through your cable provider or Discovery’s site and we highly suggest you do!

Michael Craughwell, or “Irish Mike” as he’s referred to in the show at times, is an incredibly creative, energetic sword maker located in our home state of Massachusetts–though a native of Ireland.

The swords he makes for his quirky clientele are incredible. There is no other way to describe them! They are large, powerful, dangerous and impressive. Of course, while he may choose some unorthodox ways to test their strength and functionality, it is a show we felt our boys would enjoy watching and possibly become inspired by. Granted, we don’t want them fashioning swords in their rooms just yet, we try to encourage our boys to believe they can do something useful and amazing with their talents and energy–regardless of their struggles.

We saw not long ago that Irish Mike was working on creating mini versions of some of his swords that, while not affiliate with LEGO, seem to fit nicely in the hands of LEGO minifigures! As you know, our boys are dedicated LEGO users and they love their special LEGO weapons as much as they love building. It looks like the first of the mini swords is done and officially available for purchase!

The mini swords can be purchased in a number of different finishes, from 2 types of plastic to several actual metals through the Shapeways website. We personally suggest choosing plastic if you purchase one of these for your little ADHDers as metal may be a bit more dangerous than you bargained for.

We’ve just purchased 2 of the Olympian mini swords in the silver/grey plastic finish for our little guys as a surprise. The original Olympian was first created by Irish Mike for Olympian Sarah Robles–pretty cool! Here’s a snippet from the episode that featured this sword. We’ll definitely be grabbing some others when they become available. It looks like Dragon’s Breath and Cerberus will be next!

The prices per mini sword are reasonable, especially for the plastic versions, and the shipping isn’t too bad. We paid $4.99 for USPS first class.

We’re excited to give these to our guys; we think they’re going to be pretty please!

As a family, we’re big fans of small business, we’re big fans of the show and we’re big fans of people proving that you can channel your creativity and enthusiasm into successful endeavors even if you march to the beat of your own drum while doing it! So what are you waiting for? Go support Irish Mike and his mini Big Giant Swords!

If you do buy one (or a couple like we did) let us know what you think. We’ll be sure to share our opinions once we receive them.

Note: This is not a sponsored post and we are in no way affiliated with the show or Discovery.

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