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Orlando Family Travel Guide 2015 – Day 2 Adventureland Ride Reviews & Tips Including How to Ride Pirate’s of the Caribbean without a Wait

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orlando family travel guide 2015 magic kingdom adventureland ride reviews & tips
As you can see, the fun looking entrance to Adventureland is a popular place to stop and take pics! I had to stop and wait several times before I was able to snap this and I still managed to get a few people in the shot. We love the detail put into parts of the park such as this!


Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland in a Nutshell

Adventureland is the area of the Magic Kingdom theme park to the immediate left of Main Street USA if you’re facing the castle. We always hit up this area first as we find it to be the least congested and it has one of our family’s all-time favorite rides–The Pirates of the Caribbean.
If you head to this area as soon as it opens you’ll find some carts and shops have not yet opened, but the rides are all up and running.
Date Visited: March 3, 2015
Crowd Levels: low at opening, moderate midday, low-moderate at evening
Age Range Appeal: young ADHDers to adults depending on height (the majority of rides require kids to be 40″ or taller)


Special Note: This area is always super quiet first thing in the morning, so if you want to get onto Pirates of the Caribbean without a wait, head straight there! Last year we were actually the first people on the ride. This year one group got there ahead of us, but we still had no wait. 

Adventurland Tips

  • Go here first if you want to ride rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, Magic Carpets of Aladdin or Jungle Cruise.
  • Swiss Family Treehouse may sound like a nostalgic good time, but unless you and your little ADHDers are prepared to walk up many flights of stairs and enjoy looking into mini rooms setup like the movie … skip it. You can’t really touch anything, which for little ADHDers can be tough. We did it last year and regretted it halfway up because we were pretty tired at that point. The kids made it up and back, but given that they hadn’t seen the movie it had little appeal to them. If you go, go at night, it’s very, very pretty.
  • Jungle Cruise is more fun at night than during the day in our opinions! Lines always tend to be 30-45 min waits then from our experience, but we still find it’s worth it as the darkness makes the entire experience feel a bit more real. It may be scary for super young ADHDers, especially those that don’t like the dark, so you may want to go during the day if that’s the case.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean is a popular ride, so head there first when the park opens if you want to ride without a wait, then visit again late at night close to closing. This isn’t what we would have considered a scary ride prior to taking our little guys. Ironically, both were quite scared their first trip. They’ve been on it multiple times now and really enjoy it. If your child is afraid of the dark or doesn’t like tiny drops in rides (there is a drop near the beginning), it may not be the right ride for you. This ride isn’t quite as loud as some others, but there is canon fire during one bit. If your little guys have watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, they’ll have fun looking for Jack Sparrow in a few scenes. Also, there are a few scenes where women are depicted as and referred to as wenches. This may or may not offend you.
  • Enchanted Tiki Room is actually a favorite of our youngest ADHDer, probably mostly because he isn’t a huge fan of loud sounds or jarring rides. It’s a bit loud, but not super scary and the lights and birds singing were very appealing to him.
  • Buying souvenirs is pretty much par the course if you have little guys and Disney cleverly places themed stores at the exit of almost every ride, but we’ve found that if you hunt you can find items for under $10 that are still super cute. If you do decide to buy larger items and stay at a Disney resort, you can have them deliver them to your room rather than carry items around the park all day. I believe it takes a few days for delivery and we haven’t done it yet (we always end up putting everything in our backpacks), but it’s a service that is always offered to us. Keep in mind, if you’re flying and you buy larger items you’ll need to be able to pack them or have to ship them back via mail.

Adventureland Ride Reviews & Tips

We’ve noted our thoughts on rides we went on as well as some tips for families!

orlando family travel guide adventureland ride tips hawaiian dole whip
Aloha Isle is near the beginning of Adventureland. They serve dole whip, which is a treat I had often in Hawaii. Basically, it’s pineapple soft serve, though this one also serves a vanilla and orange version as well. They sadly do not carry the chocolate, which is my personal favorite! They are not open earlier in the day, so we always end up hitting them up during our second pass through Adventureland at night.


orlando family travel guide adventureland ride tips dole whip
Horrible, grainy picture, but the area by Aloha Isle doesn’t have the best lighting at night for pics. Anyway, this is a pineapple dole whip! You can also get this at the Polynesian Resort, but I’m not sure what other parks serve it. I think it’s a bit better in Hawaii, but this is a good substitute if you can’t make it out to the islands.


orlando family travel guide adventureland ride tips swiss family treehouse
Swiss Family Treehouse is great for those who read the book and/or watched the movie. It is, however, a long trek of many flights of stairs and a bit tiring for little ones. We did it last year and felt that since our kids hadn’t seen the movie yet, they didn’t get nearly as much out of it as we did. You can view mini rooms set up like the movie, but it’s not as big overall as the actual treehouse was in the movie and you can’t really touch anything.


orlando family travel guide adventureland ride tips swiss family treehouse
If you do decide to do Swiss Family Treehouse, we suggest going at night. The view of the rest of the park and the way the mini rooms are set up is quite pretty at night.


orlando family travel guide adventureland ride tips magic carpet of aladdin
The Magic Carpets of Aladdin is super cute. The ride is similar to the Dumbo ride in the way it moves and the way you can articulate the magic carpets you ride in. This is a great ride for little ones who can’t otherwise ride some of the bigger rides. Watch out for that camel–he spits! We found it had virtually no line right after opening, but maintained a 20 min wait in the evening this year. Last year, there was almost no wait at night.


orlando family travel guide adventureland ride tips jungle cruise
Jungle Cruise is one of our little guys’ favorite rides. Essentially, you go on a little boat and take a tour through different jungles. The guide has a comedy script they go through and there are a number of cute jungle scenes throughout. We always save this one for night as we find it’s a bit more fun and “real” that way. If you have little ones that get easily frightened, go during the day. It’s not super scary per say, but could be at night to a more anxious child.


orlando family travel guide adventureland ride tips enchanted tiki room
Enchanted Tiki Room is one of those iconic experiences you have to have at least one (like It’s a Small World), just to say you have. I remember doing this as a kid and loving it. This is one of our youngest’s favorite experiences. It isn’t a ride, if you’re unfamiliar. You sit in a room and it comes to life with singing tikis and a plethora of tropical birds. Very cute and not too scary for little guys. It can be a bit loud, but it wasn’t a problem for our sound-sensitive guy because he was so distracted by the light show and animated room. Quite lively!


orlando family travel guide adventureland ride tips pirates of the caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean is easily one of the most popular rides in this area, largely due to the movies and also the fact that it’s been around for so long. While similar to the ride I took as a kid, this one has been revamped some and Jack Sparrow is now present in several scenes throughout the ride. This is one of our favorite rides, though we found the first time we did it during a prior trip that our kids were pretty scared. If your kids aren’t easily afraid or they’re a bit older they’ll probably be fine. Ours love it now!
orlando family travel guide adventureland ride tips pirates of the caribbean
The entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean has such a seamless theme throughout. You walk through stoned hallways with cannons, barrels and other things scattered throughout either side. If you want to ride this ride, beeline to it as soon as the park opens and then visit again late at night. We managed to ride it several times with almost no wait during our recent trip using this tactic.


orlando family travel guide adventureland ride tips pirates of the caribbean
As we mentioned above, almost every ride in Disney has a souvenir store at the exit. If you hunt through items you can often find things for under $10, like this pirate’s sword which was around $6.99 or $7.99. The boys each got one and for the price, it was a great souvenir. Last year they grabbed some cool key chains and fake daggers–also all under $10 each.
orlando family travel guide adventureland ride tips pirate's of the caribbean tortuga tavern
Tortuga Tavern is a Pirates of the Caribbean themed restaurant that serves Mexican. We’ve never been here, but it looks cute! To the far left you can see the entrance to Frontierland, which we’ll discuss in our next post.

Adventureland is a fun area of the park with some must-try rides in our opinions. Definitely check height requirements prior to visiting if you have super petite or young children. Our boys were able to ride everything and our youngest is just a hair over 40″ tall.
If you pass through this area again at night they often have a lot of cart vendors with fun light sticks and collectible pins.
Don’t forget to check out all of our features from our 2015 Orlando Family Travel Guide:

Note: This trip was in no way sponsored. All opinions mentioned above are our own based on our experiences.


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