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#FamilyFeels Pic of the Week

written by familyadhd
Since we don’t normally post on the weekends we thought it might be fun to start a new weekly series where we post one of our favorite feels-inducing pics from a recent adventure! Here is our first…

This is our favorite picture from one of our recent family adventures in Freeport, Maine, which we’ll be posting about soon in a family travel guide post! Freeport is really a fantastic town to visit with little ones and there’s plenty to do and see … and eat! Inside the giant main L.L.Bean building there’s a big fish tank with a neat inverted half-bubble that allows little ones to get “inside” the tank and see fish from a really unique perspective. More on that soon.

Just look at those faces!

Do you have a family pic to share? Post it on instagram and tag us (@FamilyADHD)!

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