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Liam Plays Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Part 1 – Nintendo DS

written by familyadhd

Liam is a huge fan of Nintendo and he loves to share his knowledge about the games he plays, so we’ve agreed to allow him to film some playthroughs now and again in his “Liam Plays” series! He is happy to take requests as well.

Here’s his first…

Our youngest completed the video above entirely on his own, so please be kind.

Liam is an energetic little guy full of creative ideas! He has spent a lot of time over the last couple years making his own videos and is excited that Mom and Dad are finally allowing him to share some with the rest of the world through the family blog. While he struggles with a number of different challenges, expressive language skills being among them, he hopes that by videoing himself and working on everything he’s learning in therapy he can improve more and more each day!

Note: This film is in no way sponsored by or associated with Nintendo. All opinions are our own.

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