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#ForceFriday is With Us! Where to Score Some of the Best Star Wars Force Awakens New Toys

written by familyadhd
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For those of you with Star Wars fans in your households you’re probably already aware that today is #ForceFriday! What does that men? It means a slew of all new Star Wars goodies have launched everywhere from the Disney Store to Amazon in celebration of new The Force Awakens merchandise!

Some stuff is exclusive to each store, some is in limited quantities and some items are being sold in flash deals such as those on Amazon in their ForceFriday Store (there are plenty of non-flash deal #ForceFriday items as well)! A lot of the items qualify for free shipping as well as Prime 2-day free shipping–which is an awesome savings.

I snatched up a few things for the boys for Christmas. I always start my Christmas shopping early so I’m a few months in as I find that I’m able to score the best deals this way. These were the items that caught my eye for my guys since they love LEGO sets and LEGO Bionicles and these characters look similar in their construction! And who doesn’t like a good lightsaber?

If you’re planning to grab anything I’d do it fairly quickly since these are definitely in high demand. All of the Amazon Star Wars #ForceFriday items can be seen in their ForceFriday Store.

Good luck and my the #ForceFriday be with you!

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