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Pre-trip Tips for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween at Walt Disney World

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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World 2015

Disney does a number of special events throughout the year, some of which revolve around holidays. For families that wish to experience a different side of Walt Disney World, consider checking out one of the holiday parties!
If you’re like us and you plan to visit Walt Disney World this fall, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party may be a great way to enjoy the Magic Kingdom with a Halloween twist. As the name suggests, this kid-friendly Halloween party is Disney meets Halloween galore! Not only do kids have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing parades and entertainment opportunities, but they can meet and greet rarely seen characters (Hello, Jack & Sally!) and even trick or treat in designated areas of Magic Kingdom! And of course, a good chunk of the rides are also up and running for those that want to hop on and take advantage of the slightly smaller crowds.
This is a ticketed event and prices vary based on age and the night you choose to go.
As with any new experience, it’s always best to prepare so you know what to expect and how best to help your little ADHDers enjoy everything to the fullest.
Here are some of the top tips we’ve researched to help you and your family prepare for your Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween 2015 trip!
1. The party is technically held after the park closes, but you can arrive up to 3 hours early! For us, this was really what pushed us over the edge and spurred us to buy the tickets. While we were dying to experience the event itself, the fact that you get access to the Magic Kingdom in the evening in addition to during the event for such a great price is amazing! If you think about it, you technically get up to 8 hours of time at Magic Kingdom for around $68/adult depending on the night compared to typical park prices. While not all rides will be up and running during the party, you have 3 hours to hop on any of the ones you can’t get on during the party and then you can spend the rest of the time enjoying the parades, trick or treating and hopping on the other rides–which should have shorter lines given that the number of tickets sold is limited.
2. You must enter the party through a specially marked party entrance. When you get to the Magic Kingdom (assuming you’re not planning to spend the day there prior to the party, for which you’d have to purchase a separate regular ticket) you’ll have to bring your party tickets and enter through a special entrance. Those who do not have party tickets and who cannot or do not wish to purchase tickets at the park will gently be escorted to the exit once it’s time for the party to begin.
3. Anyone can wear a costume if they like, so bring one! While younger children are always allowed to dress up, older kids and adults cannot wear full costumes to the park–for obvious safety and security reasons. Dressing up as much or as little as you like for this event is an added perk! Keep in mind, there are some restrictions you must adhere to such as not wearing anything offensive (it’s a family event after all), no pointy objects (Disney does sell cute pirate swords so there’s probably some gray areas), etc. Contact Disney if you’re concerned about the propriety of your costume ahead of time.
4. Consider reserving appointments at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or Pirates League for your little guys prior to the party! If your little ones plan to get dressed up, consider making it a super magical experience by booking them appointments to get all decked out at Disney! While Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique only caters to princess makeovers last I checked, Pirates League caters to pirates of all genders as well as mermaids! Appointments understandably go fast for days parties are held, so make that in advance if you plan to surprise your little ones with this fun experience. Prices vary based on the package you choose.
5. Plan character meet & greets for early on or late. While character meet and greets are a big part of visiting Disney for a lot of people, rarely-seen characters make appearances during the party! Some of the highly sought after ones include Jack Skellington & Sally as well as the 7 dwarfs. I’ve heard that lines can get very long, very fast so you should either plan ahead and get in line before the party (some people have said they started lining up as early as 5:30) or catch them closer to the end of the night since many families with super little ones tend to leave before the end.
6. Grab your exclusive Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card at the fire department! While you can grab a card any day of the week, an exclusive one is handed out during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party that’s unavailable any other time of the year. Even if you choose not to play, it’s a great keepsake!
7. You cannot use FastPass+ during the party. Taking advantage of the slightly smaller lines for rides may be a priority for your family (like ours), but keep in ind that FastPass+ is not available. If there are rides your family simply cannot miss out on, try scheduling FastPass+ between 4-7 pm prior to the party!
8. Budget for exclusive party merchandise! Halloween goodies are out in full force at Walt Disney World (yay!), but there is exclusive Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween merchandise that is only available during the party as well. If your family loves exclusive Disney goodies, plan to budget some extra spending money.
9. Trick or Treaters with dietary restrictions won’t necessarily miss out! Candy can be exchanged at City Hall for healthier, sugar-free or nut-free options for those that prefer/need it. I haven’t read anything yet about whether or not they cater to those with Celiac disease or who are allergic to wheat, but I’ll update if that changes.
10. Bring extra candy haul bags. If your family will be trick or treating (as if that’s a question!) keep in ind that there are multiple trick or treat stations as well as 2 trick or treat trails–one by Splash Mountain and one by Space Mountain. While you get free little bags to hold your haul at the party, we’ve been told they are very generous with the amount of candy given away (and aren’t judge-y to those who come back for seconds or thirds) so you’ll want to make sure you bring an extra bag or two to hold your haul! You can also buy bags there.
11. Check out the Boo to You Parade. In past years this has been held around 8:15 pm and again at 10:30 pm. If you’re a fan of Disney parades this one is not to be missed!
12. Hallowishes Fireworks are fun for those that love Disney’s fireworks shows. In the past this has been held around 9:30 pm, so plan accordingly if your family is like ours and really enjoys the amazing fireworks shows Disney puts on at Magic Kingdom!
13. Check out the new Hocus Pocus Halloween Spectacular hosted by none other than the Sanderson Sisters! Yes, we are HUGE Hocus Pocus fans so we are super excited to check out this brand new for 2015 show starring Winifred, Mary and Sarah as well as other Disney villains. We cannot wait!
We’ll be doing an entire post after our trip with updates on Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween 2015 party, so keep your eyes peeled for that sometime in October. Until then, keep these tips and tricks in mind if you plan to go this year!

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Leticia Fontaine September 11, 2015 at 10:17 pm

Oh my goodness what a fantastic event! My kids would love to go to this one day!

Phyrra September 11, 2015 at 11:30 pm

This is one of the most fun events that I've ever been to.

Sarah Halstead September 11, 2015 at 11:34 pm

How fun!! I want to go so badly!


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