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FamilyADHD’s Cheap Flight Stumbles Vol 1

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Comments have not been enabled as this is merely an informative post sharing info that could/will likely change within a day or two of posting (flights change constantly so consider booking the moment you’re ready to!).

FamilyADHD's Daily Cheap Flight Sales

Ready to Live a Wanderlust Life?

I regularly search flights to destinations we’re interested in, destinations I stumble across and random places just for the fun of it! I thought it might be helpful, after some of you on our social media and blog have expressed an interest, to start sharing some of the top deals I stumble across. With a family of four and not being wealthy, we’re frequently asked how we travel as much as we do or to the destinations we visit. Honestly, as we’ve mentioned before, it’s a lot of sacrifice and research! I scour the web for the right flights and jump on them when they show up—that’s it!

It’s always been our goal to encourage other families to push past the things they believe hold them back from traveling and to instead travel more because we truly believe traveling as a family is an invaluable experience. Hopefully by sharing a few of the top cheap flights I come across, you guys can get a feel for what’s out there and even potentially score some good flights yourselves!

Safe travels! 😉


Boston to Japan Cheap Flights in Fall

Looks like there are some cheap flights from the east coast to Japan (specifically out of Boston) in September and October. These flights were with United/ANA and we’ve flown with them before on an almost identical route and had a great experience, though we can’t guarantee you’ll have the exact same experience. 😉

Cheap Flight Boston to Tokyo

Cheap Flights New York to Bali (Denpasar) Cheap Flights in Fall

Flights are currently on sale from New York to Bali (woohoo!) in the fall. The flights are currently with cheaper airlines so we’re personally going to hold-off on booking until they go on sale with a higher rated airline simply because when flying that long we find a little bit of comfort (even in economy, which is how we book) goes a long way. However, if that’s not a concern for you and you’re dying to go these are great rates!

Check out our Bali guide (which we’ll continue to update from our recent trip throughout the month) if you’re considering a trip there!

Cheap Flight New York to Bali Cheap Flight New York to Bali

California to Hawaii (Honolulu, Maui, etc.) Cheap Flights in Fall

Flights from the east coast (including several states aside from California) to multiple islands in Hawaii are currently on sale in the $400s and $300s for fall! Even if you live on the east coast, if you can score a cheap flight to the west coast this could still be a great deal! Flights from the east to west coast often go on sale in the $200-300s in fall from what we’ve seen in past years. We love Hawaii (we have roots there ourselves) and highly recommend a visit for families, even if it is a tad pricy. Beautiful culture and beautiful surroundings!

Play around with different outbound and inbound cities between the west coast and islands in Hawaii to find what works for you.

Cheap Flight California to Honolulu, Hawaii Cheap Flight California to Maui


Boston to Reykjavik, Iceland Cheap Flights in Fall

Flying to Iceland from Boston isn’t generally super expensive, but it can get up to $600+ dollars. There are a couple dates in October and November during which Wow Air is offering roundtrip tickets for $280. We haven’t flown with them, but we’ve heard for a basic airline they’re not bad! Iceland is on our bucket list so hopefully we can go later this year or early next.

Cheap Flight Boston to Iceland

New York to Marrakesh (Marrakech), Morocco in Winter

If you’ve ever wanted to go to Morocco this winter may be a good opportunity with flights on sale today for as low as upper $500s round trip from New York! You can play around with other cities on the east coat and in Morocco to see if there are other sales going on between the two areas. The sale flights seem to be through TAP Portugal from what we’ve seen. We haven’t flown with them and we understand them to be a budget airline, but check reviews and see what you think before booking!

Cheap Flight New York to Morocco


Denver to Orlando Cheap Flights in Time for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

You guys know we love the holiday parties at Disney World, so we were excited to see that some flights have already gone on sale from Denver (we wanted to include an airpot that wasn’t on a coast) to Orlando in time for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! Flights seem to primarily be on sale with Frontier at the moment and we haven’t flown with them before, though we’ve heard they’re a pretty basic budget airline. Decent prices though!

If you do go to Mickey’s Not So Scary make sure you get your tickets early. They often sell out for certain dates as well as closer to the time of the party dates. Make sure to check out our feature from last year before visiting for tips and details of our experiences! 😉

Cheap Flight Denver to Orlando, Florida

Boston to Orlando, Florida Cheap Flights in Time for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

Again, we love the holiday parties at Walt Disney World so we’re excited to see some flights have already gone on sale in time for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party from Boston! We have seen flights dip a little below this in the past on occasion, but these are decent rates and they guarantee you’ll be there for the party so it may be worth booking now!

Cheap Flight Boston to Orlando, Florida


That’s it for now guys! There are plenty of cheap flight deals to be had, so poke around and check from the airports you’re most willing to fly out of for awesome deals and see what you find. Don’t forget to read our super detailed guide on exactly how we find our cheap flights for our family of 4! 

I’ll try to do these periodically so keep checking back for additional deals. Good luck!

Quick note: Since the flights above can change quickly, we highly recommend booking if you know you’re ready to. Also, we’re not allowing comments on these posts simply because they’re informative in nature. If you want to discuss cheap flights please feel free to reach out through our Instagram @FamilyADHD or to check out our other travel related posts!

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