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The Perfect Bed For A Doodle Sploot?

written by familyadhd

This post is sponsored by La-Z Boy but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

If you have a doodle then you’re no stranger to their infamous legs-flat-out-to-either-side sploot! It is one of the most endearing things about owning a goldendoodle in opinions. And while our guy is willing to sploot it out just about anywhere, since he’s a standard sized doodle we want to make sure he takes the pressure off his joints now and again.

Enter La-Z boy’s new line of luxurious, yet sturdy dog beds!

We received a large Harper Sofa La-Z boy for Zim the other day and he’s been loving it! In fact, it’s so soft and cuddly that we’ve caught our youngest taking a little break on it a few times–life with boys.

The fabric is velvety, but definitely thick compared to other beds we’ve tried in the past. The foam inside is equally sturdy and barely squishes down when he settles his 55lb body into it. He absolutely loves the shape–perfect for cuddling into and hanging his head off the “armrest”. We’ve even caught him half-on, half-off a few times so he could sploot it out!

And while Zim is comfortably lounging on his bed now, I wish I had video’d his response when we first unboxed it. We gathered around this giant box (and by giant, I mean that almost all 4 of us could have squished into it canoe-style) and pulled out this heavy (did I mention it’s sturdy?) dog bed, laying it on the floor near Zim’s basket of toys. He cocked his head (total goldendoodle move), then jumped on it, immediately jumping off. He proceeded to test its bounce for another 30 minutes before finally collapsing happily into it and taking a nice, long nap!

Clearly, Zim was and continues to be a huge La-Z boy fan!

Zim decided to move his bed to a spot he felt more comfortable … right in the middle of the floor! That tongue!

La-Z Boy Options For the Whole Family

And as much as Zim loves it, I have to admit we’re loving it, too! The fabric is super durable, but also washable (I have boys and a goldendoodle, every surface needs to be washable) and it’s super cute! It looks more like furniture than it does a stuffed burlap sack like some dog beds we’ve checked out over the years.

Overall, 4 paws and 4 thumbs up from us so far!

If you want to check out the Harper Sofa or any of La-Z boy’s other chic pet beds, you can do so by clicking here! If you get one, let us know which one you pick!

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