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*Special* Shadow Bucket List Beach Wallpaper for Desktops (3 sizes included/high-res)


This was taken May 26th on our “bucket list” trip to the beach–Shadow’s favorite place in the entire world. He was so happy, he momentarily looked almost like his old self <3 We hope we can get him feeling like this again if we can finally get some answers soon!

Purchase of this “Shadow Beach 1” Wallpaper for desktops is good for 1 download per purchase, but includes 3 different sized versions of the image. Downloads will not have our watermark. 🙂

Our beautiful golden Shadow (featured in this photo), who has guest starred on our blog and Instagram for years, was recently diagnosed with cancer in both kidneys, his liver and lymph nodes. You can read about his full story here.

We are raising funds to help cover part of his palliative care, the last ultrasound he had and his final good-bye.

This listing is for the desktop wallpaper download only. This is a 1x use download.

This screensaver download includes the following 3 sizes (all 3 are included in this download purchase:





Our golden is an incredibly important member of our family. He has traveled with us, comforted us, loved us, smiled with us (yes, he smiles, ask anyone who knows him!) and given us a run for our money at times. We’re sad to say, he was recently diagnosed with cancer in multiple places in his body.

While you can read about his store here, the long and short of it is that it took nearly a month to get a concrete diagnosis on him and he has begun palliative care. To help pa for his previous diagnostics, current palliative care and his final good-bye, we thought offering some of our most popular photos as downloadable wallpaper for phones and desktops might be a great way to raise money to cover part of this.

Whether you’d like to be a part of Shadow’s final chapter or you simply love our photos and want to own a digital version to have as a window to our travels on your phone or computer, please consider purchasing one or gifting some to friends and family. We greatly, greatly appreciate it and are hopeful we will be able to get to the bottom of things for our golden boy <3

If you aren’t interest in purchasing our wallpaper, but would like to help Shadow, donations can be made here, though we in no way expect anyone to feel they need to!

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